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Nairobi’s Churrasco trinity: Westlands’ charm, Kilimani’s sleekness, Mombasa Road Panari Sky Centre.

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Years Legacy

A decade and a half of fire-kissed stories: Discover the Churrasco adventure at Fogo Gaucho

The story of Fogo Gaucho is a tale of two journeys: one from the vast plains of southern Brazil to the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, and another from a centuries-old grilling tradition to a modern-day all-you-can-eat steakhouse experience.

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Churrasco? Ah, a symphony of smoke and spice, a ballet of char and tenderness. Every slice a testament to generations of fire-kissed wisdom. It's more than a feast, it's a portal to a land where passion meets tradition, and every bite unveils a story as rich as the earth itself.

Lost Culinary Files

The Rodizio Experience

At Fogo Gaucho, the Churrasco is served in a unique way called “Rodizio.” Our Gaucho chefs, dressed in traditional garb, circulate the tables with skewers of charcoal grilled meats, carving off succulent slices directly onto diners’ plates. Guests can enjoy a large variety of meats including our signature Picanha (beef rump steak), traditional Beef Ribs, juicy chicken and even exotic meats like crocodile. At the end, the Gaucho Chefs bring out our signature Cinnamon Pineapple also cooked on the charcoal grill

Beyond the Meat

The Rodizio of meats is also accompanied by a full buffet that includes delicatessen, a soup of the day, a variety of vibrant and fresh salads, dressings, condiments, 6 hot dishes and a delicious selection of desserts that has something for everyone. 

The churrasco, the heart of Fogo Gaucho’s culinary experience, has its roots in the lives of the Gauchos, the skilled horsemen who roamed the pampas of southern Brazil. These cowboys, descended from Spanish and Portuguese settlers, developed a unique way of grilling meat over open fires, using skewers called “espetões” to cook various cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken. The churrasco wasn’t just a meal; it was a social gathering, a celebration of community and shared bounty.

Bringing Churrasco to Nairobi

In late 2007, a group of native Brazilian Gaucho chefs embarked on a new adventure: bringing the Churrasco tradition to Nairobi, Kenya. They opened the first Fogo Gaucho restaurant, aiming to share the flavors and warmth of their homeland with their new Kenyan community. The restaurant quickly gained popularity, becoming Nairobi’s only authentic Brazilian Churrascaria.