The soul of Churrasco awaits.

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Sizzle, laughter, firelight

Taste the legend, discover the story:

A symphony of Churrasco, vibrant salads, and decadent delights passed down through tradition.

Not my first rodeo here. The food was 10 out of ten as per usual. I had the family pack. The portions were to die for. Soft tender well cooked meat. Fresh salads. Their plantains are a must have.

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Adam G

I was warmly received at the entrance and assisted to get a table at a nice and cozy spot. The waiters are such gentlemen, Collins was constantly there to ensure I had all accompaniments I needed and Derrick made sure I tried each and every steak available Exemplary service! I will be back again and again.

Florrie B

The dessert was absolutely amazing. The buffet exquisite. And the meat, oh the meat, dictated the theme of the night - crispy and seasoned to perfection. Our waiter Brian deserves his flowers for the 5star service

Jennifer D

The food was exemplary and tasty AF Service was on point and a special shout out to Derrick and Brian from the new Mombasa road branch for taking good care of us. If you happen to swing by ask for the Sirloin steak

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